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Rail transportation

Rail transportation

Cargo transportation by rail within the territory of the Russian Federation is considered to be the most favorable option in relation to the cost of 1 km of route as well as the most available and universal option for transportation of a wide range of goods at large distances using:

  • Covered railcars (all-purpose).
  • Special-purpose open-type fitting platforms.
  • Tank-wagons.
  • Hoppers.
  • Thermocontainers and covered refrigerator railcars.


The variety of options of rolling stock arrangement, possibility of providing special conditions and maintaining of optimum temperature regime make railroad transportation the best option for transportation of almost all varieties of goods.


The advantages of railroad transportation are the follows:

  • Possibility of one-time shipment of large consignment of goods.
  • Lack of dependence on climate conditions and the whether – covering with snow, black frost, flowage.
  • Accessibility even in most distant regions for the account of great number of railway spur tracks throughout Russia.
  • Relatively low cost of transportation at large distances.


Herewith transportation by rail is the process which requires specific knowledge and experience, only then it’s possible to guarantee absence of goods delay on route and minimize the risks of their loss or damage. If you don’t have enough knowledge or experience UTS-Logistic will help you. Our specialists are closely cooperating with the largest owners and operators of rolling stocks in the territory of the Russian Federation.

UTS-Logistic offers to its clients door-to-door delivery of goods by integrating rail transportation into common multimodal transportation – that’s why there is no need in direct participation of the client in the process of delivery. Our specialists will commit themselves to arrange all the processes and take all measures required for efficient and safe delivery of cargoes:

  • Make up route chart and calculate cost of full package of services.
  • Arrange spotting of railcars for loading of goods.
  • Forward on the spot (acceptance of cargo, arrangement of its loading and terminal handling operations at railway stations).
  • Deliver the cargo from railway station to storage facilities and backwards by motor transport.
  • Arrange railcars removal after loading operations completion as well as empty containers return to the owner.
  • Lash and unlash the cargo inside the railcars and on the platforms.
  • Seal and mark the cargo.
  • Prepare shipping documents.
  • Execute customs formalities during transit.
  • Provide valuable goods escorting by security forces.
  • Agree delivery of “oversized” or “dangerous” goods as well as other goods transportation of which has special requirements.
  • Track daily the railcars throughout their route and provide the client with exhaustive information on-line.  


Railroad transportation with the help of UTS-Logistic has the following advantages:

  • Agreements with large owners of rolling stocks due to which monetary transactions are performed without third parties involvement.
  • Own fleet of trucks to deliver the goods to the client’s warehouse and from the client’s warehouse to the railway station promptly.
  • Great experience in transportation large consignment of goods by special-purpose container train providing high speed and reasonable prices of delivery.
  • Experienced specialists who work on increase of quantity of terminals on trains handling as well as development of partnership with trains operators and owners.

Thanks to above advantages the time and financial expenses for clients’ cargoes transportation by rail are minimized, and the clients are sure in observance of delivery schedule and getting information in the most convenient way.

You may get consultation on issues of interest as well as calculate the cost of rail transportation in Novorossiysk office of the company UTS-Logistic.  

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