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Intraport forwarding

Intraport forwarding

The essential condition during sea transportation is transshipment in port. If you want to solve intra-port formalities and save time and money you should apply to an experienced forwarder. Such specialist knows specifics, procedure and business hours of each specific port terminal, all changes and innovations in transshipment procedures, as well as has business relations with port structures which considerably simplifies and speeds up the process.


UTS-Logistic has a large staff of forwarders who have huge experience in carrying out intra-port operations. The following services are offered to the clients:

  • Surrender of the originals of shipping documents to the line and execution of accounting document (DU) and report on goods acceptance at temporary storage warehouse (DO1) upon their execution by the company which performs loading and unloading of the vessels.
  • Arrangement of procedures required for import permit issuing – quarantine, phytosanitary, radiological control.
  • Arrangement of inspection of contents of the containers, weighing and inspection of packages during customs clearance of goods.
  • Arrangement of shifting from one transport means to another and control of this procedure.
  • Estimation and examination of goods with participation of independent insurance agent and an expert of chamber of commerce and industry.
  • Assistance in duties payment for obtaining line release and cash payment voucher when exporting the cargo.
  • Submission of applications for containers acceptance in port and plans for railcars hauling.
  • Obtaining of passes for individuals and of accreditation for client’s vehicle to enter the port.


UTS-Logistic insures the goods in accordance with requirements of shipping lines and required amount of insurance premium, which is to cover the loss in case of loss or damage of the container. The company has valid documents permitting industrial and business activity on forwarding as well as representation of client’s interests during customs clearance at all container terminals in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk.


Among the advantages of intra-port forwarding by UTS-Logistic there are:

  • Favorable demurrage terms for the account of large volumes of transportations.
  • Rapid container turnover due to possibility of getting goods export releases before payment of duties and services rendered by the port’s workers (availability of advance money on accounts).
  • Possibly lowest cost of intra-port operations due to agreements with terminals and container lines.
  • Availability of customs permits for business activity in all Zone of Customs Control in Saint Petersburg and Novorossiysk.
  • Accreditation of own motor transport of the company in all port terminals.
  • Security due to twenty-for-hour duty of customs applicants, forwarders, operators of transport department of UTS-Logistic and uninterrupted control of all intra-port operations.


To get consultation, to calculate duties amount and conclude the contract for intra-port forwarding of containers please apply to our company’s specialists.

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