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Warehouse services

Warehouse services

Stuffed containers are stored at the warehouses of terminals located in close proximity to port for a number of reasons:

  • It’s easier to segregate and evaluate the cargo as well as make up mixed lots on the spot;
  • at port terminals the cost of storage, transfer and other services are lower than the same services in Customs Control Zone.


The clients of UTS-Logistic can get the full range of services on storage of empty and stuffed containers at warehouses:

  • leased;
  • temporary stored.


As well as on:

  • Transfer of goods from one type of transport means to another.
  • Packing and repacking, palletizing, marking.
  • Inspection of containers contents, state estimation, tally and verification of assortment involving professional experts.
  • Sorting out according to different sort parameters – color, modification, etc., combination of different batches into one.
  • Tally and stock accounting.
  • Preparation of goods and warehouse documents.

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