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Sea transportation of containerized cargo

Sea transportation of containerized cargo

Cargo transportation by sea is the most popular and available mode of delivery. In spite of great variety of transport means the majority of all goods in the world are transported by sea. Containerized cargo transportation has a great number of advantages – starting from guarantee of goods safety up to providing optimum temperature conditions throughout the entire route of cargo transportation (if reefer containers are used). The transfer of cargo during transshipment is not required – it is delivered to the consignee just as it was sent by the shipper thanks to multimodal transportation. This saves money greatly and makes combination of different transport means efficient and flexible.


Experienced specialists of the company undertake arrangement of full range of processes and take all measures required for sea transportation:

  • Spotting the empty container to the shipper.
  • Preparation of documents for export from the country of the shipper.
  • Motor and rail transportation of containers from the place of loading to the port of departure.
  • Preparation of shipping documents.
  • Loading on the vessel.
  • Arrangement of shipment by the best shipping line in accordance with client’s requirements to services cost, time limit, terminal of discharge, and line requirements regarding the period of free demurrage.
  • Daily tracking of cargo status throughout all its route and online reporting of accurate data to the client.
  • Arrangement of post-handling and servicing of the containers in the port of arrival.
  • Obtaining of all package of documents for the goods for their customs clearance.


UTS-Logistic offers additional services to its clients:

  • Certification of goods in accordance with transportation purposes.
  • Insurance.
  • Customs forwarding.
  • Control of safety of transported goods.
  • Weighing.
  • Approval of delivery of cargo of “dangerous” category with applying corresponding marking.
  • Purchasing of new or used containers and their shipment to the client together with the goods.
  • Combination of different lots from several shippers into container for mixed cargo.


Working with UTS –Logistic the clients get a number of advantages:

  • Optimum prices and routes of sea transportation due to direct contracts with international shipping lines operating in RF market.
  • Low freight rates and favorable terms of demurrage due to large volumes.
  • Full package of services – door-to-door delivery due to multimodal transportation.
  • Rolling is containers detention at transshipment points upon client’s request (for example if additional time is required for collection of big sum of money or package of documents for customs clearance, or in case of overstocking).
  • Informing about delivery status and round-the-clock tracking on the Website of the company UTS-Logistic.


To get answers on the issues of your interest and to calculate the cost of services please apply to the office of our company in Novorossiysk.

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