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Forwarding of perishable goods

Forwarding of perishable goods

UTS-Logistic works in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk and renders services on complex forwarding and customs escorting of all types of “perishable” cargo (including vegetables and fruit products) transported in reefer containers.


Perishable cargo transported in refrigerated containers requires special approach for a number of reasons:

  • short storage period;
  • expensive location and network connection of refrigerated containers in port;
  • ● short free demurrage for the refrigerated containers provided by shipping lines;
  • ● high penalties for exceeding the period of free use of container handling equipment;
  • ● risk of spoiling of goods due to breakdown of freezing plant.


Taking into account the above nuances the stringent requirements are imposed on importing and forwarding companies with regard to speed of passing of all customs formalities and releasing the reefer containers as well as obtaining phytosanitary certificate.


When transporting dry cargo different companies including with limited business activity can perform escorting of cargo in the port of arrival, customs clearance and motor transport delivery. But when perishable goods are concerned only complex approach is possible and the entire process of goods movement shall be controlled by one company. Herewith cooperation between all the departments shall be as efficient as possible as each hour is important when working with perishable goods. If you want to save money applying for forwarding services to different companies you can spend much more due to spoilage of vegetables and fruits.


UTS-Logistic has great experience in work with perishable goods, qualified personnel provides prompt complex handling of cargo which takes one-two days from the moment of reefer container arrival in Novorossiysk port. The period of phytosanitary certificate obtaining and customs clearance (with cargo declaration issuing) takes one day only. This is possible due to well-established interrelations with governmental authorities and accurate regulations for documentation procedure.

During perishable goods storage it is necessary to control products quality, observe temperature regime in containers and control the temperature inside the fruits.

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